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Now that they have a cure for Hepatitis C at a High cost I thought I would make a list of old drugs that were discovered to inhibit Hepatitis C....
Any antihistamine containing chlorcyclizine
Any antihistamine containing chlorcyclizine
Fluvastain (Colesteral)
Quercetin On Ebay
2 of these do not even need a prescription The Following are New Drugs for Hepetitis C.

New Hepatitis C drugs

New Hepatitis C drugs

New Hepatitis C drugs

New Hepatitis C drugs

For Decompensated

U. Of M. Hepatology (Phone)

Henry Ford liver transplant

New Hepatitis C drugs

New Curative Drug

Vitamin B12 And The Immune System

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Metformin and Cirrosis

Systemic Enzymes And Fibrosis

Glutathione For Those Who Missed It In School

Cirrosis Of The Liver And Probiotics


Extracorporeal liver support devices for listed patients

Sudden Protein

Glycerol phenylbutyrate



Halt Liver Cancer

Garlic And Urinary Infections

Catheters and infections

Approval For Other Genotypes

Vaccine for HIV HVC

Liver Disease Finding

Hep C Regimine

Chilli peppers hold promise of preventing liver damage and progression


NAC Cleans Tylenol Damage

Fighting liver fibrosis, the wound that never heals


Garlic For Urinary Tract Infections

Cancer Drug May Treat Sepsis

Video On Glutathione

Antivirals 90% Success On People With Advanced Liver Disease

Status Of Artificial Liver

Scientists stop and reverse Alzheimer's-related brain damage in mice

Radiation Treatment FDA Approved

Metformin Delayed Release DR

Glutathione and The Liver