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Cleaning up and positioning for redevelopment former GM properties in 14 US states

Property Details

Facility ID: 11950
Facility Name: Livonia Powertrain Plant
Address: 12200 Middlebelt Rpad
City: Livonia
State: MI
Zip: 48150
County: Wayne
Land Size (Acres): 40
Latitude: 42.37481
Longitude: -83.330548
Cleanup Manager: Dave Favero, Grant Trigger
Associated Files
2011-1229_RACERLivoniaCCS-WP_F.pdf download
2011-1229_RACERLivoniaCCS-WP_TEXT_F_rev05292012.pdf download
2011_1229_Livonia FSP_F.pdf download
2011_1229_Livonia FSP_F_rev05312012.pdf download
2011_1229_Livonia RFI QAPP_F.pdf download
2011_1229_Livonia RFI QAPP_F_rev05312012.pdf download
2013_0315_HAI-Livonia-RFI Report-AppA-C-CA725-CA750.pdf download
Aerial Site Map w Appr Boundary and Notes (Ref Google Earth).pdf download
Aerial_Site_Map_w_Appr_Boundary_and_Notes_(Ref_Google_Earth)[1].jpg download
GMPT - Closed Storage Tank Information Database.doc download
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Phase_I_ESA_1195 - Livonia - 2010 0408.pdf download